Intelligent Process Discovery: Vital to Your Automation Journey – Part 3

Another term is added to the tech-lexicon – Intelligent Process Discovery. What is this and why do you need it in your company?

Business process management specialist Carl Lehman, explains that most managers don’t know how many processes it takes to run their organization. This is where machines outdo us: they can get an overall picture far more quickly than a team of humans could build over the course of a few months.

Sure, you know some of the valuable processes and you may have looked at a couple of processes and modified them for the best possible outcomes. However, when trying to document all your processes, it can be difficult to get an accurate picture.

Trying to Learn Your Processes Using Humans is Fallible

Why? Humans are prone to errors and biases. One might explain each detail, another might miss something that seems unimportant. Some, wary that their job might be replaced, may even keep the information to themselves or lie.

Another reason is that your organization likely has some turnover, so when an expert in one or more particular processes leaves, their knowledge often departs with them.

Companies Moving Forward

Some companies are forward-thinking and planning for a successful future. They have hired people to examine their processes, in order to collect data and feed it into AI to automate processes. This all sounds great in theory, right?

In theory. Are those people communicating with others across the organization so that other processes can be improved? Regardless of how good those people are at collecting data, one can make a mistake – and a step in the process is not documented. They can take a day sick and the process works a little differently.

Also, not all processes can be automated and not all have the same value. How do you discern which ones are of value? The only easy way is with Intelligent Process Discovery.

Intelligent Process Discovery? Explain

Imagine if you could have one person watching all the processes at once and could easily see which was valuable and which one wasn’t. They could retain all the data and show trends in less time than any set of humans before. Impossible, right?

Replace person with system. It’s not infeasible for software, such as OfficeAutomata’s Intelligent Process Discovery, to do this. It will run in the background, creating no disturbance to your staff members, discovering which processes can be automated and which ones can not. This analysis saves time, money and it permits greater growth for your company in the future.

There are many reasons that RPA (Robotic Process Automation) fails, but several of these are because companies choose the wrong processes to automate. Then management considers that the whole project was a failure and it gets put out like the waste. Not with OfficeAutomata.

Superior Process Mining Capabilities

OfficeAutomata’s Intelligent Process Discovery is streets ahead of any other process mining methods. The table below shows prospective users how much time and in turn, money can be saved.

As you can see, there are huge advantages to having Intelligent Process Discovery, but one that many C-level executives have highlighted is the ability to actually see the savings, where those savings are coming from and the return they are making on the investment.

Detailed Workflow Maps

When Intelligent Process Discovery is running you get a view much quicker of which processes can be automated for the best efficiency of your organization. It is installed on your servers, so only the people that you choose are privy to that information. It’s also helpful so you can see which processes should not be automated, and where you can get the most value from your staff.

Solving Current Issues with RPA

One of the current problems with automation is that the majority of management and staff don’t really how to use AI for their own business. Companies are losing money because of this.

This is one of the things that Intelligent Process Discovery is helping with – it can show you what can be automated almost immediately and can be used for the pilot and then show how other processes can be refined, or even used for other applications. This is truly Intelligence, not just a buzz-word used for branding.



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