Our company has a digital automation dream. We see a future where more will be done automatically by AI. As one of the few companies pursuing this dream, we are leading the world forward with information technology.

We are digital data mapping pioneers with a deep understanding of desktop and web apps, enterprise tools, documents, inter-organizational big data and deep learning AI. We specialize in localized user big data and use that information to train AIs to create process maps and automation design outputs that are capable of completing labor intensive discovery and design tasks. This is cutting edge in the realm of information technology and this software has the power to revolutionize the concept of work for the digital labor force.


OfficeAutomata is a global team comprising amazing programmers, experienced subject matter experts, online user experience experts, and marketing and accounting consultants with support and workers across many countries. We live and breathe every change in enterprise tooling to stay at the forefront of informationtechnology.


Jeremiah Jeschke

Founder, CEO and CTO

As a former US Air Force Officer & Program Management consultant for US Air Force satellite programs, Office and Excel were my main tools for work. I started OfficeAutomata because I wanted a tool to track and automate parts of my previous work and because I was frustrated that the tools to track and automate weren’t accessible to me as a non-developer initially. My complete focus is on creating a fantastic product experiences.

Nate Jeschke

Chief of Staff – Marketing Manager

Nate is a multifunctional business manager with years of experience leading independent projects. Being inspired by his brothers, he followed them into a military career and learned invaluable skills as a Explosive Ordnance Disposal technician and security/intelligence section manager.

Deepak Chandran

VP of Operations and Strategy

With a great passion for automation, Deepak joined OfficeAutomata as a product consultant in 2016. He also founded Excel10x.com where he teaches to automate Excel tasks using VBA. Prior to starting his own company, Deepak worked with companies such as McKinsey, RR Donnelley and IBM in Management Reporting / Financial Analysis roles.

Stanislav Pitsul

Principle Software Engineer

Having earned a Master of Science (M.S.), Computer science from the National Technical University of Ukraine, Stanislav is a uniquely qualified software engineer with a decade of programming experience. His skill set includes languages such as C#, F#, C++ and experience in systems such as .NET Framework, Xamarin, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), Functional Programming, Statistics, Visualization. Stanislav joined OfficeAutomata to evolve into scientific and artificial intelligence fields.

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