The Automation Accelerator

The heart of your hyperautomation success

Business process automation is the wave of the future. Or it was 15 years ago. Now a drive toward hyperautomation is very much the present. But why do so many automation attempts still fail?

The Need for Automation

Almost half the activities people are paid almost $16 trillion in wages to do in the global economy have the potential to be automated by adapting currently demonstrated technology. McKinsey report for the US Department of Labor

If you have repetitive computer-based tasks being done by humans, your company can probably benefit from automation.

Where to start in your Automation Journey

We know we want to automate our processes, let’s pick one to start with and go!

Sounds easy. But the level of process intelligence, actually knowing what your processes are and how well they are being followed, is staggeringly low in most industries.

The Dawn of Intelligent Process discovery and Hyperautomation

Let us Introduce GENIE, An AI-powered process discovery platform. GENIE software is installed on users’ computers in your organization and tracks their workflows in the background without slowing them down.

The 6 Steps of a Successful Automation Journey

GENIE’s unique AI Process Intelligence system will walk you through each of the steps that will ensure a successful automation process with a strong ROI.

Process Discovery

Determine which processes have high automation potential

Analyze your Results

See which tasks will be worth the cost of automation

Process Improvement

Define and clean up your processes

Task Maps

Export your task maps to your automation platform


Deploying your bots

Track the efficiency

Of your bots after implementation and calculate the actual ROI

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