Three Keys to Automation Success

How to use Process Intelligence, Process Management and, Process Discovery for successful RPA development.   Broken, unmanaged, non-standard, out of date and unknown are not terms that many companies would like to label their everyday processes.  But like it or...

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Gathering the Data – The Automation Journey – Part 2

Every single business in the world is data-driven. I know some of you will immediately start looking for examples to the contrary, but you simply won’t find any. If you have even one customer or one process, you’re using data.

For years, companies have focused on the data about their product usage and/or their customer behavior. In order for AI to work, now organizations are realizing that they need data on how their own people work, so that they can operate more efficiently.

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Automation Journey – Part 1

Some companies consider automation as disruptive, but in fact, it improves the way you do business. 75% of companies believe automation will be vital to delivering goods and services in the future.It makes employees lives easier, happier and it is far less prone to error than any human. Historically, we’ve seen how companies that resist change, such as Nokia did, simply get left behind. 

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