Our technology is being utilized in companies, departments and processes including accounting, business process outsourcing, data entry, data migration, data reconciliation, accounts receivable and hospital in-processing. Read more about our client’s experience in the Case Studies below.

Case Studies show that our solution accelerates business objectives for forward thinking companies as our AIs uncover and solve the data problems that most companies don’t realize they have.

The Command Center provides ALL the Data required for successful automations, BPI initiatives, and much more. Our solution is currently enabling companies to gain a competitive edge over the market with our innovative Enterprise Intelligence solutions.

Powered by our unique Process Discovery, our AI’s has found millions of dollars of potential ROI in business processes through automation, improvement or enablement for our partners and clients.

Check out our Case Studies below.

Our Experience

The Hershey Company’s, a large food and beverage manufacturer, payroll department was looking to improve efficiency and reduce costs. They engaged with an automation consulting firm to help identify opportunities to streamline repetitive, manual processes through Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

The consulting firm deployed an AI solution called GENIE to track and analyze Hershey’s payroll activities over a 6-month period. GENIE discovered $2 million worth of repetitive payroll transactions that had high automation potential.

The consulting team validated GENIE’s findings by manually reviewing a sample of the identified processes. They confirmed that automating these repetitive tasks could drive major efficiency gains for Hershey’s.

  • Monitored 3 employees in the Accounting department to map the intricacies of their key business tasks, which represented the work of the entire 20-person team.
  • Gained actionable insights into employee activities and workflows to identify opportunities to enhance department throughput via digital transformation.
  • Provided guidance to build the infrastructure for the company’s automation pipeline, enabling streamlined development and maintenance of future RPA bots.
  • Demonstrated how automatable tasks could be seamlessly exported to RPA tools, yielding significant savings in bot development and support costs.

Lowe’s performed a Process Discovery pilot in one of their contact centers using OfficeAutomata’s proprietary Process Intelligence Solution. The goal was to access the accuracy and viability of employee insights. The pilot provided Lowe’s with data-driven visibility into staff workflows, unlocking opportunities to enhance operations.

  • Captured activity for 20 employees in the Virtual Design, Virtual Inhome Consultant, and Virtual Selling groups.
  • Captured and visualized activities performed by contact center employees to identify opportunities for process automation and employee enablement.
  • Employee occupancy metrics were generated and used to compare time reported in Kronos against actual activity tracked by the AIs.
  • AI models combine task and process mining to give a complete view of all activities and events happening in the organization’s operation.

Raytheon Technologies, a leading defense contractor, wanted to optimize efficiency across their Payroll and Reconciliation divisions. They collaborated with our team to deploy GENIE, an AI solution that analyzes processes to identify automation and improvement opportunities.

Over a 3-month pilot, GENIE uncovered $2 million in enhancement and automation opportunities at Raytheon. Our analysis mapped GENIE’s insights into targeted solutions to digitize processes, redesign workflows, implement AI, and accelerate operations. This established a framework to continuously improve and inject automation across divisions.

  • Monitored 254 users across Payroll and Reconciliation over 3 months to map 147 specific business tasks ripe for improvement and automation.
  • Provided executives with data-driven insights into department and contractor performance to inform key operations decisions.
  • Documented productivity metrics including hours worked, idle time, activity levels, and daily user events to identify enhancement opportunities.
  • Guided process standardization and improvement initiatives based on analysis revealing fragmented and inconsistent workflows.

Ohio Hospice sought to boost efficiency while maintaining superior patient care. By deploying GENIE, an AI solution, we identified optimization and automation opportunities within their core processes.

GENIE’s insights guided the standardization and transformation of workflows to increase consistency and maximize quality of care. The automation and enhancement framework enabled Ohio Hospice to scale efficiently while delivering first-rate services.

  • Monitored over 2.5 million user events for 65 employees over 3 months, discovering and mapping 205 business tasks ripe for improvement and automation.
  • 140 of the 205 tasks had high automation potential due to low variation and complex workflows averaging 50 steps. Standardized, repetitive tasks are ideal targets for automation.
  • 30 tasks had lower automation potential due to higher workflow variations. Our data-driven approach precisely pinpoints the most suitable processes to automate.
  • The client’s automation partner could have then utilized GENIE’s task maps and process models to build effective bots, maximizing development efficiency.


For all our clients, GENIE collected user activity data which was able to be operationalize into exports, analytics and performance metrics. Providing key insights into department operations, processes and workforce health.

GENIE assisted clients in the setup or acceleration of Automation departments with exports leading to higher automation success and persistence.

Daily actions of the users were tracked and employee metrics and analytics were provided to managers to empower their workforce.

The GENIE AIs discovered multiple processes and tasks for improvement, standardization and optimization.

Key productivity behaviors were visualized for C-Level Management, including number of staff hours both working and idle, level of activity, operational throughput, and amount of user activity events per user/per day.


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