Our technology is being utilized in companies, departments and processes including accounting, business process outsourcing, data entry, data migration, data reconciliation, accounts receivable and hospital in-processing.

GENIE is the solution for forward thinking companies. Our AIs uncover and solve the data problems that most companies don’t realize they have.

GENIE provides ALL the Data required for successful automations, BPI initiatives, and much more. GENIE enables companies to gain a competitive edge over the market with our innovative Enterprise Intelligence solutions.

Powered by our unique Process Discovery, GENIE has found millions of dollars of potential ROI in business processes through automation, improvement or enablement for our partners and clients.

Our Experience

In a F100 Food and Beverage Manufacturer’s payroll department, GENIE found $2,000,000 in annual repetitive processes which had a high automation potential. The data was tracked over 6-month Discovery pilot and an analysis found that a vast majority of the work being performed could be automated using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tools. This data and analysis were provided to the client to help drive improvement and digital transformation operations.

GENIE was used in conjunction with consultant business analysts who confirmed the accuracy of the AI Process Discovery through their own manual analysis. 

  • Captured the daily actions of 3 users in the Accounting department to precisely map business tasks. The three tracked employees were performing the same tasks as 20 other employees in the same department.
  • Providing insights into staff activity and methods of enhancing department throughput through digital transformation of repetitive or outdated systems.
  • Assisted in the development of the company’s automation pipeline with key infrastructure to build future automations.
  • Showed how exporting automatable tasks directly to RPA tools could save in development and maintenance costs.

In a F100 Defense Contractor’s Payroll and Reconciliation departments, GENIE found $1,500,000 in improvable processes and $500,000 automatable tasks. This information was gathered during a three-month Discovery Pilot and a subsequent analysis found multiple avenues of streamlining and cost saving within those organizations.

  • Captured the daily actions of 254 users across Payroll and Reconciliation departments for three months to precisely map 147 business tasks for improvement and automation programs.
  • Provided C-level management performance data to make decisions on key organization operations and the performance of contractors.
  • Allowed for the discovery and documenting of key productivity behaviors such as staff hours worked, staff hours idle, level of staff activity, and number of user activity events per user/per day.
  • Assisted in process standardization and improvement after analysis of data showed many fragmented and unstandardized processes.

For a midsize healthcare provider which delivers superior care and services to patients, GENIE provided in-depth analytics on the departments being tracked for process improvement and standardization, and task maps for automation. 

  • Captured 2.5 million user events for 30 users over a three-month period which resulted in 205 business tasks being discovered and mapped for improvement and automation programs.
  • Of the 205 discovered tasks, 140 of those tasks had a high automation potential and 30 tasks had a low automation potential. This was due to the measured variations of each task and processes discovered.
  • The tasks that were designated with high automation potential were complex tasks averaging 50 steps in length. Our data showed low numbers of variations, a key component to produce usable task maps for successful automation.
  • The automation partner of the health care client could then export the task maps & process models GENIE created into their automation suites to produce effective bots.


For all our clients, GENIE collected user activity data which was able to be operationalize into exports, analytics and performance metrics. Providing key insights into department operations, processes and workforce health.

GENIE assisted clients in the setup or acceleration of Automation departments with exports leading to higher automation success and persistence.

Daily actions of the users were tracked and employee metrics and analytics were provided to managers to empower their workforce.

The GENIE AIs discovered multiple processes and tasks for improvement, standardization and optimization.

Key productivity behaviors were visualized for C-Level Management, including number of staff hours both working and idle, level of activity, operational throughput, and amount of user activity events per user/per day.


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Manage, track and train your employees better.


Eliminate bottlenecks, decrease variations, and streamline processes.


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