CORE – Command Center

Putting process intelligence data to work.

Get a clear view of your company’s health and productivity with the Core Command Center, revealing the outcomes of each business initiative in real-time.

The AI Enterprise Intelligence Solution

Empowering your team to discover and control your processes. All Departments. All Users. All the Time.

Our light weight, in-depth trackers can follow the activity of up to 10k users at a time. The powerful AI engine processes the collected data to identify business processes and create a roadmap for Process Improvement, Employee Enablement, and Automation.

The challenges that come with scaling an enterprise business are many. One of the hardest for leaders is being able to get a clear snapshot of company health and productivity. Low process intelligence causes leaders to wonder; what’s really going on in each department, and how is it being measured?

How would it change your company’s ability to forecast if you could see:

Up-to-date progress toward KPI’s

The effectiveness of an automation or process improvement initiative

Accurate throughput data on outsourced teams

If only there was a comprehensive dashboard with real up-to-the-minute information. Guess what? We hear you, we built one.

“Data is the new oil. It’s valuable, but if unrefined it cannot really be used.” Clive Humby, 2006


The main functionality of Core is tracking and analyzing your company process and performance data. Our customizable command center gives you a high-level view of company operations and allows you to visualize the data that matters most to you.

With every process improvement, technology upgrade, staff training or hire, the questions are the same: Did we increase productivity? The Productivity Change module shows the throughput of both your human staff and your bot performance.
This allows leaders to see the outcomes of process changes and automation implementations in real time rather than waiting for the next quarterly report.

Seeing the total number of users active right now and their departments, allows leaders to track when work is being done in each sector of the business.

Lists how many users are being tracked in each department, how many tasks the AI’s have discovered, and the annual cost of performing these tasks.
This data gives leaders a clear view of business costs per department and where cost savings initiatives would be most meaningful.

Visualizes efficiency per department. How much time per week are users idol, and how much time is spent doing meaningful work. If the ratio looks off, you know there is an improvement conversation to be had.

Business Accelerators

The Accelerators uncover opportunities for improvement in each area of business development. Scorecards recommend clear next action to generate the biggest business impact and highest ROI.


Employee Enablement

  1. Employee Productivity Reports
  2. System upgrade needs
  3. Activity Monitoring
  4. Security Notifications


  1. Process Standardization
  2. Process Optimization
  3. PDD and SOP Exports
  4. Monitor BPI Projects


  1. RPA Exports
  2. Automation Pipeline
  3. Assess Task Automation ROI 
  4. Automation Benefits

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