Employee Enablement

Manage, track and train your employees better.

The Employee Enablement Accelerator’s dashboards allow leaders to see real time efficiency data for each department, workgroup, or employee.

Beyond process discovery

Employee Enablement does not often enter the conversation in process discovery. We are looking beyond process discovery to Enterprise Intelligence, using your data to empower every area of your organization.

Diagnosing and fixing problems in employees’ environments, like system’s limitations, communication bottlenecks, or training shortfalls, remove the causes of process variations. The improved work environment and streamlined processes increase productivity and company morale. The Employee Enablement Accelerator gives you the tools to see how employees spend their time and what might be holding them back.

“In our bank we have people doing work like robots. Tomorrow we will have robots behaving like people.” John Cryan, CEO of Deutsche Bank.


The purpose of process improvement and automation is definitely to save money and increase efficiency. But it is also to remove tedious work from employees so that they can focus on the tasks that require problem solving, creativity, and well, “human-ness”.

Enablement For Department Managers

How would it change your management style to have up-to-date efficiency metrics on each user in your team?

If you could:

Identify your star players and the weak links.

Measure which processes are efficient and those that need to be retooled.

Verify outsourced teams efficiency and comprehension of given tasks.

The Employee Enablement Accelerator gives you the information you need to make hard conversations easier. Quarterly and Year end employee reviews are simplified with detailed performance metrics.

  • See real metrics on employee active and idle time.
  • Reveal how much of their active time was spent on meaningful work.
  • Discover who is going above and beyond and who is putting in less hours than the claimed to pay roll.
  • Verify Personal Improvement Plan outcomes.
  • Track where new processes are being applied, and how departmental and personal efficiency improves with the change.
  • Compare performance across different work groups in different locations and diagnose challenges for underperforming teams.
Enablement for HR and Compliance

Beyond uncovering potentials for automation, the Enablement Accelerator simplifies the tedious documentation that is required for HR and Compliance. The AI produced Process Definition Documents can be used for automation but can also be used as the basis for SOP’s, training materials and SOC2 compliance documentation.

As your company benefits from automation, the roles for your human staff may change. In two clicks and an email you can push out the new changes to everyone affected, helping you effectively manage and support your staff through the changes.

Add the Employee Empowerment Accelerator and take advantage of your data

The Automation Journey  is not just about robots. It’s about the people we want to relieve from repetitive tasks, making them more efficient and successful. When you add the Employee Empowerment Accelerator you have a powerful tool to train, support and review your staff.

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