Your business has unique and proprietary processes for how it preforms its daily functions.  Many businesses have workflows that contain confidential client information which has to be protected on premise with secured servers.  An information system that connects all your business process across applications and departments also needs to be contained and controlled on your servers.

OfficeAutomata uses AI to track all your employees’ processes as they do their daily work and perform tasks.  These processes are analyzed for which tasks would be most receptive to being automated.  Process maps are developed to give a detailed view of your business’s processes to help your RPA provider produce more effective bots.







Your IT department deploys the AI Database and AI Trainers on your company’s servers and computers.  The confidential client information and process information stays with your company as the AI analyzes, trains and builds using the data that your employees’ produces.  Processes are connected across applications and departments to retain the continuity of the tasks.


Intelligent Process Discovery uses your data to create process details for analytics or for your RPA provider to produce more effective bots.

  • Application efficacy

  • User productivity

  • Process performance

  • Human) Resource efficiency


Our AI helps make decisions and process the vast amount of data produced by employee performing tasks.

  • Tracks actions using installed agents
  • Filters, encrypts and stores data on premise servers
  • Continually learns, based on process data
  • Recommends process improvements
  • Reveals automation candidates
  • Creates end-to-end process maps