Unlock the Full Potential of your Remote Workforce with AI

Gain valuable insights into your employees' productivity and performance with Remote Workforce Analytics.

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Remote Workforce Analytics

Remote Workforce Analytics delivers sophisticated, AI enabled tracking of the critical tasks, projects, and processes that truly drive your business. Providing data-driven visibility into how work is accomplished and who is responsible for key outputs. Generic tracking tools provide superficial data on remote employee activities like clicks and keystrokes. They fail to offer meaningful insights into work outputs and productivity.

Live Employee Engagement

Providing real-time visibility into the valuable work employees perform each day.

Remote Activity Tracking

Real-time monitoring of outputs allows companies to optimize performance and increase efficiency.

Detailed Productivity Analytics

Discover and evaluate the underlying structures and inefficiencies in your day-to-day operations.

AI Enabled Process Discovery

Process and activity mining enables a clearer picture of how employees are utilizing their time and resources.

Advanced AI Data Collection and Discovery

See Your Employees’ Work As It Happens. Timesheets Don’t Tell the Real Story.

See work in real time, not just logged hours. Make data-driven management decisions to boost productivity and quality. Engage remote teams and employees through visibility that makes them feel included, trusted and motivated. Build collaboration and relationships based on real insights, not just superficial metrics.

Staff Engagement Notifications

Address risks to work quality, speed, and output right away.

Our proprietary rules engine lets you establish presets for real-time notifications. Get automatic alerts when your defined productivity, quality, and efficiency thresholds are met or missed. Get notified if collaboration or communication drops in a remote team.