Your Enterprise Data Loss Prevention Solution for LLMs

Data security checks and leak prevention for your proprietary company information with OfficeAutomata's SecureGPT. Don't miss your opportunity to secure your sensitive data.

The Problem:

LLMs are putting your company’s proprietary information at risk.

Large language models like ChatGPT offer immense potential to enhance workplace productivity – from automating daily tasks to accelerating complex research and analysis. But without proper data safeguards, these tools pose compliance and proprietary data security risks. Employees get the help they need, while sensitive information stays protected.

Enter SecureGPT:

Security Checks, Notifications and Preventions for at risk sensitive data.

SecureGPT enables companies to monitor their employees’ usage of GPT applications, identify potential data leaks, and take proactive measures to prevent them. The solution uses AI to analyze data in real-time, prevent data from being submitted to external networks, and generates alerts when it detects non-compliant activity.

Assessing Your Data Security Risks

Phase One - Deploy and Track

Data collected shows how GPT is being used in your company to gain initial insight into data security.

Phase Two - AI Discovery

AIs analyze collected data for tasks and processes currently using GPT or other LLMs. Identify security gaps and potential for leakage.

Phase Three - Risk Assessment

Evaluate data security across your organization, highlighting risks and opportunities.

Phase Four - Recommendations

Provide tailored recommendations for improving GPT security over one month of assessment implementation.

Advanced AI Data Tracking

  • Our advanced user data tracking doesn’t just monitor basic copy and paste actions. It digs deeper to track exactly what fields and forms are being filled out on websites and apps.


  • Sensitive personally identifiable information and confidential client data are detected in real-time, before they have a chance to be submitted or shared. With our 360-degree data oversight, your business-critical information remains secure and compliant at every turn.

ChatGPT Security Notifications

  • Protect your business from potential data security breaches with ChatGPT notifications. Our advanced monitoring system detects leakage of sensitive information.


  • With preset or customizable expressions, you can trigger instant alerts to IT or staff managers, ensuring that any potential threats are dealt with immediately. Trust ChatGPT to keep your data secure and your business safe.

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