GENIE offers many possible business solutions that you may not have even considered to problems you may not know you have.

Unlock the potential of any business in any sector by removing inconvenient, time consuming labor from employee tasks.Discover new solutions for issues in finance, insurance, supply and logistics, telecommunications and high tech.


Simple changes such as plan, billing or address changes can be automated. Input from the customer can start a process that ask questions to gain the information and carry out the required tasks, without hours of manual input from your employees. This frees them up to help, retain or gain new customers.


OfficeAutomata can help with Risk Management for your organization with triggers attached to events to instigate the process automatically. 


BPO’s can automate the process of taking customer information and creating accounts. Processes can be set up to maintain customer profiles and accounts by responding to changes and updating information. 


Speed up Claim Processing with automation. The system can collect information, import it through field mapping and scan documents for relevant information. 


Optimize demand prediction and supply chain by letting our software take care of previously manual input processes. Expedite scheduling, loading, shipment and inventory with software assistance, data maintenance and checks. 

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