OfficeAutomata offers a wide variety solutions for the growing data market.  Our ability to track, organize and map data can be made available in a inclusive range of other business’s software.  Robotic process automation is uniquely susceptible to incorporating our software solution to mapping processes. 

Some common business problems are due to not having the Ability to Collect the data that your clients’ are generating.

If your business does understand that the data that your clients’ are generating is going to waste, another common dilemma is not having the Ability to Understand that information.

Available Solutions

Intelligent Activity Tracking

OfficeAutomata independently tracks events in CRM’s, ERP’s, SCM’s, proprietary software, desktop applications, web applications, documents, and PDF’s.
Gathering all this data prepares your organization to map business processes.

Intelligent Process Discovery

Intelligent Process Discovery decodes your organizations computer-based business processes by gathering all workflow data from every system. It autonomously identifies and defines each step in the process in order to identify individual, cross-user and interdepartmental processes.