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The Truth About Your Remote Workers: How to Identify Fraud and Low Productivity

As remote work becomes a set business practice, managers lose visibility into how employees are spending their time and what they are actually accomplishing. Some remote workers take advantage of this, logging inaccurate timesheets, working other jobs during work hours, or failing to complete high-quality custom work as needed. Here’s how remote workforce analytics can reveal the truth.

Case Studies on Remote Workforces

  • Inaccurate Timesheets: Self-reported timesheets from remote workers may not reflect real work done. Some employees exaggerate hours to appear more productive than they are or log personal time as work hours. Remote workforce analytics tools track actual tasks and projects in real time, not just clocked hours. You’ll see clearly if timesheets don’t match work accomplished and hold employees accountable.


  • Work-from-Home Fraud: Without oversight, some remote employees work other paid jobs during the hours you’re paying them. Remote workforce analytics detect this by monitoring computer usage for periods of long inactivity, use of unauthorized software or websites, logging hours at unlikely times, and drops in productivity or work quality. You can investigate further and take disciplinary action as needed.


  • Advanced remote workforce analytics provide real data on how employees spend their time, what they accomplish, and the quality of work produced. Far too many organizations guess about the productivity, work quality, and value their remote employees really generate. Relying on timesheets and personal accountability alone costs them countless work hours and budget each week.



Remote work can be a win-win when you have visibility and analytics to optimize productivity and minimize fraud or abuse. Track meaningful work metrics, not just superficial data or timesheets. Hold all employees accountable to work schedules and performance standards, regardless of location. With data-driven insights, you gain truth and trust in your remote teams and the work they produce.

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