Process Intelligence – Why it Matters and How to Determine It

Process Intelligence enables managers to know,

understand and measure their processes through Process Discovery.


One of the most important questions that a manager will ever hear from their boss is some variation of “How is everything going?”  Obviously everything is going well enough, otherwise that manager would not be employed, but what is he basing that knowledge off of.  What evidence is there, besides the fact that there isn’t a fire to put out, that everything is going well? Does he have any metrics to share? How is he tracking his employees’ computer-based workflows and performance?

The goal of Process Intelligence is to answer these questions using empirical unbiased information.  To give organizations insight into their digital processes, provide workflow analytics, enable them to make data driven decisions and accurate assessments.  

How to really transition to data-driven decision-making? | MMT


Process Intelligence Explained

Process Intelligence is defined as a company’s ability to know what their processes are.  It is the amount and detail of knowledge that an organization has about its own workflows. If an organization can know their processes that can accurately identify bottlenecks and improve operational efficiency.

Although it may seem intuitive that an organization would already know their processes, many studies show that this is not the case. One such study shows that only 4% of processes in an organization are completely measured and managed.

Pin on Process Street

Peter Drucker was arguably the world’s greatest management consultant. He is quoted as saying that “if you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it.”

But how do you increase your Process Intelligence? Where do you start? We think that choosing the right process discovery tool is the first step.

Most human process discovery efforts are inefficient at best. When choosing a process discovery tool there are several things to consider:

  • Are they focused on a holistic process development?
  • Are they capable of collecting the data without interrupting workflows?
  • Can they turn that data into usable information like analytics, task maps, cost versus time graphs, etc.?


Two Types of Process Discovery Tools

Most of the Process Discovery tools being produced right now are being created for Robotic Process Automation clients and vendors. Discovering processes for automation is an extremely useful part of Process Discovery, but it is not the only thing it can be used for.

There is a major drawback of Process Discovery tools being solely focused on automation. If the company’s processes are not standardized then the process discovery may not work. These tools come from a one track focus of finding processes for automation. But if those processes are not ready for automation then they can be impossible to measure.

In the best cases, you find a few processes that are ready and automate it. But this may not help the client, especially if it just puts another failed bot into production because of high process variations.


Intelligent Process Discovery

Here at OfficeAutomata we have coined the term Intelligent Process Discovery. We believe process optimization should be a holistic approach using an objective tool. If it finds processes ready for automation, great! If it doesn’t, then that is still very useful information.  We just have to put it to good use.

Before automation begins most companies need digital transformation, process standardization and process improvement first. 

Our product is designed to help you discover where you are ready. Or, to build you a map to pinpoint how to get ready.

“Automation applied to an efficient process will increase the efficiency and automation applied to an inefficient process will increase the inefficiency.” Bill Gates

Many companies are earlier in their Automation Journey than they realize. There is a lot of work that needs to be done before they can be helped by System Integrator partners or use RPA tools. But where to start getting ready can be confusing.

Our Intelligent Process Discovery tool runs in the background collecting data for each team member on your staff. Data is systematically collected to analyze the individual steps within a business process or operational workflow. Our platform analyzes this data to outline exactly which processes need to be refined and where they break down. Our Operational Scorecard tells you when you are ready, or gives you a clear image of what you can improve.


Are You Ready to Increase Your Process Intelligence Score?

Let one of our trained consultants reach out to you. Let’s discuss how Intelligent Process discovery can increase your Process Intelligence and prepare you for your Automation Journey. 

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