Enhancing your workforce performance through Enterprise GPT.

CoWorker is the GPT Solution for forward thinking companies that are also concerned about their proprietary information security.

Helping companies to capture the next-generation of performance AIs.

Give your employees access to the latest GPT models without exposing your confidential information to the internet. CoWorker provides a secure, on-premise tool that is factually accurate to the industry you work in and is supported by the data generated by computer-based processes.

CoWorker combines the power of brand-new large language models (LLMs) with all your data to turn your words into the most powerful productivity tool in the industry by enhancing workforce potential and productivity.

Your Company’s AI Assistant

Harness Your Knowledge

CoWorker connects to your proprietary data sources, process workflows, and employee activity to become a tailored AI assistant.

Unlock Your Team's Potential

Allow your staff to easily ask questions and get recommendations, insights, and assistance from your enterprise knowledge base.

Automate Tedious Tasks

Let CoWorker write emails, documents, reports, and other content faster – reducing effort while keeping your company’s voice.

Accelerate Digital Transformation

CoWorker integrates the latest AI to digitally transform your content and accelerate workflows, unlocking new levels of  productivity.

How Coworker Works

CoWorker uses your enterprise data from process discovery to create a knowledgebase from which the LLM models can pull your contextual data to enhance the results of the queries sent to it. This helps to refine the results of the GPT AI as well as keep those queries internal to your organization. CoWorker is completely on-premise, which means that your cloud infrastructure hosts and retains all the data being generated by the AI and the questions your staff are posing to it.

Data security and retention is a top priority for most enterprises and GPT is posing a substantial risk to organizations with employees utilizing outside technology on company devices and hosted infrastructure. By deploying a GPT Integration like CoWorker, companies can take advantage of this cutting-edge technology while reducing security risk posed by open-source solutions.

CoWorker Lite

CoWorker Plus

Enabling your enterprise to have a secure, on-premise access to the latest GPT/LLM technologies available on the market. 

  • On-Premise
  • Secured on your Cloud Infrastructure
  • Basic enterprise Knowledge-base
  • Latest Open-Source Models

Propelling your enterprise forward with the latest GPT/LLM technologies that have access to your Process Discovery data.

  • On-Premise
  • Secured on your Cloud Infrastructure
  • Enhanced Enterprise Knowledge-base
  • Latest Open-Source Models
  • Integrated with Core 
  • Vectored Process Discovery data
  • Vectored Staff Activity data

How to Use CoWorker

CoWorker enhances work experiences through the Core Dashboard as well as through a chat box accessed via the system tray icon.

CoWorker is integrated with your entire system. Giving it access to the business content which provides context to the prompts and answers you are looking for.

Accessing the chat box, staff type in questions and receive GPT generated responses that are applicable to their organization and function which is supported through relevant knowledge bases and potentially, AI Process Discovery.

Context Awareness means that CoWorker is informed of the current or previous email, document, application, webapp or browser that staff was performing work through.

Coworker is also accessible via the Core Dashboard to help process managers understand the workflow data being generated as well as the next steps to take to improve and manage highlighted opportunities found by the AIs.

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