Measuring, monitoring and analyzing workforce productivity across all GPT Applications.

InsightsGPT analytics provide leadership and managers live metrics for understanding how your organization is using or underutilizing the latest GPT technologies.

Are my employees using GPT and how often?

What are my staff using GPT for?

Has there been an increase in performance since using GPT?

Is GPT being used effectively?

What are my company’s use cases for GPT?


Unlock the full potential of your organization with InsightsGPT. Gain valuable insights and workflow models that reveal how your team is leveraging GPT to supercharge work processes and drive performance to new heights. With GPT usage analytics gathered from any GPT or LLM enhanced application or website, you’ll have the answers to critical questions that can transform your business. Let InsightsGPT empower you to optimize your organization’s efficiency and productivity.

Unlock Your Organization’s Full Potential with InsightsGPT

Is your business truly optimizing its use of GPT applications? Without clear analytics, it’s impossible to know. InsightsGPT provides the visibility you need to accelerate digital transformation. Our powerful analytics platform tracks GPT usage across your enterprise, identifies underutilized areas, and reveals opportunities to boost productivity. With real-time data-driven insights, you can optimize workflows, uncover new use cases, and maximize GPT’s benefits.

Optimize Workflows with InsightsGPT

Struggling to quantify the business impact of your GPT investments? InsightsGPT provides the analytics you need to optimize workflows. Our platform tracks GPT usage across applications, revealing how AI augmentation affects task speed, cost, and productivity. Powerful productivity analytics quantify efficiency gains, and process improvements. With real-time visibility into bottlenecks, adoption lags, and automation opportunities, you can confidently optimize your workflows with Time and Motion Studies.


Uncover Hidden Potential with GPT Use Case Detection

InsightsGPT features AI-driven detection of potential GPT use cases tailored to your business. By analyzing your workflows, it identifies innovative ways to further automate processes, assist customers, analyze data, generate content, and more, with suggested steps and prompts. Our GPT use case discovery takes the guesswork out of uncovering applications to boost productivity. InsightsGPT lets you tap into GPT’s full potential.


Discover Unstructured Data Sources for Vector Databases

With our smart unstructured data pipeline, you can rapidly grow your own tailored generative intelligence. InsightsGPT automatically discovers and ranks your organization’s documents, files, and unstructured data based on value for GPT model training or Vector Store. This unlocks tremendous latent value within your existing content by transforming it into high-quality training data to develop custom GPT models that align tightly with your business goals.

Accelerate Success with InsightsGPT

Looking to move beyond basic GPT analytics? InsightsGPT provides the strategic intelligence needed to create real competitive advantage. Our advanced analytics platform tracks usage, benchmarks performance, and reveals opportunities. The actionable insights empower you to optimize productivity, control costs, and make smart investments. But we offer more than data – our AI models prescribe proven ways to accelerate adoption, automation, and innovation. Let InsightsGPT help you maximize GPT’s benefits to outperform your competitors and establish a culture of continuous improvement. 

Gain an Edge with Live Intelligence

Real-time analytics empower rapid and strategic decisions. Instant visibility into emerging trends and usage patterns allows you to act decisively.

Empower Your Leaders with Strategic Insights

Data alone isn’t enough to drive strong decisions. Go beyond metrics to deliver strategic intelligence. Our AI models detect usage patterns, revealing workflows ripe for automation.

Uncover Hidden Potential to Fuel Growth

Reveals overlooked opportunities to strengthen performance. Monitor progress on key metrics to maintain alignment with goals. Analyze trends to find areas lagging behind.

Uncover New Use Cases to Accelerate Innovation

Dig deep into your usage data to reveal emerging use cases for transformative innovation. Our advanced analytics uncover employees finding novel ways to leverage GPT across workflows, from automating repetitive tasks to generating personalized content.

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