Security of user tracking data that flows through the OfficeAutomata solution is a top concern for every company that we work with.  All the data is confidential and proprietary to the companies and it is important to us to keep that data secure.

Likewise, the privacy of individual employees is as equally important to a safe work environment as the overall safety of the company.


  • Any Personal identifiable information (Password, SSN, CC, CVV) is identified and removed before being sent to the server.
  • Value data is encrypted with AES 256 on Client before sent to Server. All value data is encrypted with AES 256 hashed to that particular company.
  • Value data is not available for review by default within the dashboard, except for aggregated value data of task maps. User information is compartmentalized within the company to help restrict access to user data
  • All data is stored on-premise, the company secures their own database & server, and no data is transferred to OfficeAutomata.
  • AI GPU Container is created within client’s Azure cloud
  • AI GPU Container communicates with Database & Server through private Virtual Network
  • The OfficeAutomata solution has been through a professional security review, penetration testing and code audit.
  • The company’s server ports are whitelisted to only known IP addresses.


Users by default are anonymized in the OfficeAutomata solution.  When users are first installed they given unique identification passed on the windows log in.  User names are separate from their  identification.  User names can be added later for additional analytics.  This is in accordance with GDPR compliance. 

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