OfficeAutomata is proud to be a partner with a diverse group of businesses that are pursuing modernization and cutting-edge technology. Our partners provide OfficeAutomata guidance, market inlets, introductions and opportunities.

Our partners are consultants, automation providers, investors, software system integrators, banks and AI researchers.  As we seek to gain a foothold in every part of the market where our software can lead innovation, every partner affords us the opportunity to learn and gain a unique and competitive insight.

How can you join our Partner Network?

As OfficeAutomata grows our partner network, we seek out partnerships which afford us the opportunity to reach more clients and markets worldwide and in all industries. We believe in partnerships that produce results for both parties as we coordinate solutions and business strategy.


Invoke is an authorized distributor and has a deep understanding of the limitations and potential of intelligent automation, whether you’re just getting started on your journey or looking to scale — and they are 100% committed to getting the job done.

Wonderbotz is an authorized distributor and firmly believes that employee connectedness, innovation, and passion are under assault by workplace monotony and inefficiencies. They believe that restoring humanity in business is critical to organizational success and value creation.

Robocorp is technology partner and is on a mission to help automation teams and developers work smarter, not harder by creating, running and maintaining bot automations. Simply put, their Gen2 robotic process automation solution is better, faster and the most cost-effective RPA platform in the world. was kicked off with the purpose of pushing the envelope in the RPA and AI practices in the industry. Carlos Martin and Venky Cheluvaraj are the two co-founders who came directly from the field of RPA and AI. Individually, they and their team have 5 years of real-world, hands-on RPA and AI experience and 20 years experience in IT.


Under OfficeAutomata’s Software as a Service model, you can offer Process Intelligence under your own brand.  This is your best option to extend the reach of your business’s ability to collect, interpret and use the vast amounts of data that can be made available to you. Our goal as a company is to provide an essential service to a market that is badly needing a complete solution.