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Measure and optimize your GPT's productivy, performance and data security with OfficeAutomata's AI Experts.

Safely and Securely, Scale your Enterprise GPT

Don’t leave your GPT scaling to chance. Invest in an assessment now to get the insights needed to implement GPT the right way from the start. Guarantee that your AI initiative will pay for itself many times over through optimized AI adoption and impact. GPT has opened up your company to data leakage and cyber-attack, we will show you where and how to prevent it.

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Phases of the GPT Assessment

Phase One - Deploy and Track

Data collected shows how GPT is being used to gain initial insight into maturity and data security.

Phase Two - AI Discovery

AIs analyze data for tasks and processes currently using or under-utilizing GPT. Identify strengths and gaps supporting GPT.

Phase Three - GPT Assessment

Evaluate maturity across five key business dimensions, highlighting risks and opportunities.

Phase Four - Recommendations

Provide tailored recommendations for improving GPT readiness over one month of assessment implementation.

Advanced AI Data Collection and Discovery into GPT Maturity

  • Advanced AI tools can assess GPT data maturity, identifying limitations and gaps in using data strategically. They provide a path to improve by uncovering how to enhance data gathering, organization, access, and use for continuous model improvement.


  • Fully maturing GPT data capability requires continuously improving how data is collected, structured, accessed, and leveraged to drive ongoing model advancement. These tools illuminate the way forward.

Data and Engagement Review for GPT Maturity

  • Auditing how strongly data, processes, and business adoption support GPT models provides a snapshot of maturity. Gaps in data, practices, and adoption can be addressed through a roadmap to reach GPT scale and impact.


  • Taking an integrated view of data, processes, and value across initiatives provides insights to become AI-driven. Strengthening company-wide data use and learning ability allows mastering GPT.

Data-Driven Impact for Maximum ROI

  • Do you want to safely and securely scale up GPT technology in your company? An in-depth GPT Maturity Assessment provides the data-driven insights you need – at an affordable $5,000 fixed fee and 1 month implementation timeline for 50 users.

OfficeAutomata: Industry AI Experts for over a Decade

OfficeAutomata was one of the first companies to leverage Generative AI in our own applications and processes two years ago, and we have been helping companies scale and drive impactful changes with their AI initiatives across 5 key dimensions:

Security – Assess data controls and security to prevent data leakage.

Data – Survey quality and accessibility of internal data assets for GPT usage.

Productivity – Measure and baseline processes where GPT is currently being used.

Improvement – Identify processes where GPT is under-utilized.

Business Alignment – Evaluate connections between GPT usage and key business priorities.

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